Addiction Detox & Treatment
in a Comfortable Environment.

Detox is the first step towards sobriety and healthy living.
Archstone Recovery Center offers Medical Detox Therapy
for their addiction, in a relaxing and comfortable environment

Learn about Detox Treatment

Hear Sally’s Story

& How She Overcame Her Addiction

Sally is a recovering addict and is living a new life,
thanks to Archstone’s Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment
Recovery Program in South Florida.

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Young Adult Addiction Treatment

The Young Adults Addiction Program was created so that your experience here is life changing.
At Archstone our goal is to help you – Recover, Heal and Live!

Why our Program Works

Women’s Addiction
Recovery Program

We understand that women experience addiction
and alcoholism much differently than men, which is why we offer
specific programs that focus on the struggles than women can face with
these issues. Archstone provides the caring and empathetic environment
that you or your loved one need to recover.

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Men’s Recovery

Archstone Recovery Center understands that treating drug addiction and alcoholism in men is dramatically different than treating women with addiction disorders. We are the premier provider of men’s treatment services, offering personalized programs to meet your needs.
Call us today a 1 (888) 745-9788.
We will provide you with an environment where you can end addiction and embrace sobriety.

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Joe’s Story

Joe is a recovering addict; living a new life, thanks to
Archstone’s Drug & Alchol Addiction Treatment Recovery Program in South Florida.

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Hear Sally’s Story
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Young Adult Addiction Treatment
Why our Program Works


Women’s Addiction Recovery Program
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Men’s Recovery
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Joe’s Story
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We Don’t just treat the addiction, we give you back your life.

Archstone Recovery Center is top rehabilitation center of the Palm Beaches. We believe in treating the individual, which is why our addiction treatment programs are customized for each patient. We can offer you or your loved the greatest chance at lifetime recovery through our various treatment programs.

From outpatient to inpatient care, our programs offer different levels of freedom and flexibility for addicts who need to attend school, go to work, or need more intense care. Plus, our Extended Care services help keep recovering addicts substance-free through the help of support groups and alumni meetings.

We also personalize your treatment plan based on whether you’re a man or woman since each sex experiences addiction differently. We also have a youth program for younger patients looking to make a change in their lives. If you’re interested in more information about our beautiful rehabilitation center of the Palm Beaches, browse our website or call us at 1 (888) 745-9788.

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Archstone Recovery Achieves CARF Accreditation

The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) has notified Archstone Recovery they have received a three year accreditation, its highest award.


Men’s Addiction Recovery

Sober Recovery for Drug & Alcohol Addicts

For men, the effects of long-term addiction, can often be overwhelming. That is why at Archstone, you will receive an individualized program focused on getting you on your feet.



Women’s Recovery Program.

We Understand Women

We know that women often times present different issues and concerns while in rehab, that is why when a women arrives at Archstone, our team creates a custom-tailored treatment program for her needs.



Medical Detoxifcation

Detox Treatment for your Recovery

We know that often your first step to getting sober is getting you free of the substances in your system. That is why we offer our clients Medical Detox Therapy for their addiction, in a relaxing setting.



Young Adult Addiction Treatment.

We Treat the Whole Person

Our job doesn’t stop at the addiction, we know that it is important to get to the root of the cause. That is why when you arrive at Archstone, our team will create a custom tailored treatment plan for your specific needs.


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