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Staying Focused and Motivated After Treatment

Certainly for anyone that has succumbed to alcohol and/or drug addiction, successfully exiting the treatment phase is a cause for feeling that you have made the first major step in the recovery process. Anyone making it to this juncture realizes that there are...

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Taking Sides: Addiction in Families

When a family member is suffering from a substance abuse addiction, it can affect the entire family in countless ways. One of the most common is through a dynamic where family members are divided on the reality of the addict in their family. In other words, those that...

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A Basic Guide to Loving an Addict

Even under the best of circumstances, loving someone requires strength, honesty, self-reflection, objectivity and patience among other hard won mental and emotional attributes. Loving someone in the throes of addiction can be even more challenging requiring you to...

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Talking to Your Kids About Your Addiction and Recovery

For a parent, addiction and recovery bring additional challenges starting with how to talk to your kids about what is happening and how they feel in order to help them cope. Here are a few important points to consider when you’re ready to begin the process. Talking to...

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Five Widely Believed Myths About Addiction

Since even medical science cannot provide answers that apply universally to those living with addiction, it is still a matter of dealing with the individual rather than relying solely on any group approach. While this ensures the best course for each person seeking...

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The Psychology Behind Hugs

For the person with a loved one recovering from addiction, the hardest thing to do is to know how to provide positive support to help them on their journey. For the person going through recovery, one of the most difficult things is to know how to accept that support....

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How to Deal with Temptation During the Holidays

Because of the duality of emotions that are part of the holiday season, (happiness/sadness, calm/stress, comradery/isolation etc.), it can be the most difficult time for those in recovery. The struggle to resist temptation to revert to old ways can be a challenge, but...

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