Cocaine Addiction: Get Help Today with Archstone Recovery

Cocaine in all its forms has long been part of the nightlife in US cities like New York, Miami, Boston, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. It rocketed to popularity in the 1970s, when cocaine importation to the United States increased. It became part of the disco scene, popularized by celebrities at clubs in Studio 54, and in the seventies it was common for people to wear tiny “coke spoons” as jewelry. Cocaine’s popularity continued in the eighties, as powder cocaine became the drug of choice of the rich and successful. In the late eighties and early nineties there was a split in cocaine use: rich white users stuck with powder cocaine for the most part, while a newer and cheaper form, crack cocaine, became epidemic in poor neighborhoods and devastated many communities of color. This trend continues in the twenty-first century; sentencing minimums are different for powder and crack cocaine users, and the two are treated differently throughout the justice system.

Whether you’re snorting your coke or smoking rock, cocaine is highly addictive. While not all users become addicted, the addiction rate increases the longer the person uses the drug. Studies have found that women and those who begin cocaine use at a younger age are at higher risk of addiction. Once dependence begins, it is extremely difficult to end. Cocaine withdrawal is painful and difficult; many coke addicts in rehab experience symptoms similar to schizophrenia, like the sensation of bugs crawling under the skin. Even after withdrawal is over, users experience cravings for the drug for years to come.

In conditions like these—with difficult and dangerous withdrawal and intense cravings—almost no one can succeed alone. It’s vitally important for coke addicts to rehabilitate in a safe, secure location with proper medical supervision and therapy. Archstone Recovery of the Palm Beaches understands what helps cocaine addicts to break free of addiction. With the best medical staff, therapists who use proven treatment modalities, and a serene, secure location, Archstone Recovery can give you the tools you need to stay clean for the rest of your life. With different treatment options including detox, partial hospitalization, extended care, transitional, and outpatient programs, Archstone Recovery in Lantana, Florida can help you break free from cocaine addiction. New York, Philadelphia, Boston and all other urban residents with a cocaine addiction can get help from Archstone Recovery. Contact us today.

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