Extended Care Program: Get your life back with Archstone

Once you or your loved one has becomes clean and sober, Archstone Recovery Center realizes it’s difficult to stay that way. However, we have the solution! Our Extended Care Program is designed for people in the early stages of recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism. We know their new habits of recovery haven’t completely settled in, and the old habits of drinking or using haven’t been completely eradicated.


How It Works

After patients complete the Residential Program at the Archstone Recovery Center, our Extended Care Program is the ideal answer, offering accommodations in a setting that continues to promote recovery. Living in our Extended Care environment allows the resident to return to a regular work or school schedule, while attending Intensive Outpatient Treatment at Archstone Recovery Center. In addition, the residents attend support group and alumni meetings at our facility. Living with other residents who are also in recovery creates a natural “support group” within the facility. It’s not uncommon for lasting friendships to develop among the residents, fostering each other’s sobriety. Their shared responsibility in this promotes recovery. During residential treatment, addicts and alcoholics are generally insulated from the people and influences that promoted their addictive behavior. Our Extended Care Program allows our clients a gradual reorientation to those outside elements, while enabling the client’s transition to be a positive one.


Our Extended Care Program allows patients to:

  • Evaluate which relationships and environments are supportive of sobriety
  • Acknowledge triggers that lead to drinking or using
  • Find employment
  • Locate housing
  • Establish healthy living routines
  • Find and nurture new friendships

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