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Questions About Drug and Alcohol Rehab at Archstone

Why choose Archstone Recovery Center?

Archstone is the leader in alchohal and substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation. We are fully licensed and accrediated to operate in the state of Florida and provide our patients with personalized therapy programs.

What about insurance? How does that work?

Archstone Recovery Center accepts insurances as a form of payment and will bill your insurance company directly. Here are the steps that need to be taken:
1. Call us so that we can get all your insurance information.
2. If you have benefits for treatment at Archstone Recovery Center, the admissions specialists will do a brief assessment with you and proceed with the admissions process.
3. If benefits run out, you can call the Insurance Specialist at Archstone who will walk you through the process of continuing to support your loved one.

When can I visit my loved one?

The therapist will determine when your loved one is ready for a family visit which would include a scheduled family session.

What is the appropriate amount of communication we should be having? He/she wants me to mail special and personal items and is making unreasonable demands.

This is a great question. First of all, I want to assure you that all your child’s needs are being met. He/she may not have all the things he/she wants, but he/she has everything he/she needs. Secondly, this is a great opportunity for you to practice setting boundaries with your child. The next time he/she calls with unreasonable demands, ask him/her to start making a list of the things he/she needs. Let your child know that when he/she is finished with the list, he/she should give it to his/her therapist rather than call you. Inform him/her that Archstone Recovery Center does a store run once a week and he/she would be able to purchase those items then providing that he/she has money in their account. If more questions come up or you need further support with this concern please call back or contact your child’s therapist.

Who should I contact when I have questions or need to know what’s going on?

Please feel free to always call the therapist for any questions or concerns you might have about your family member. Our therapists typically call families once a week to update them on the client’s status and well-being. If you choose to contact the therapist, please remember that they are in therapy groups or individual sessions for most of the day. The therapists will return calls throughout the day as their schedule allows.

What happens if my loved one relapses after treatment? Does Archstone Recovery Center guarantee that he will be drug-free?

Archstone Recovery Center has an amazing alumni program that speaks volumes about our success. It might be very helpful for you to have relapse plan for when your loved one leaves treatment. You’ll want to contact your loved one’s therapist so they can help you in this process.

Questions About Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Should I allow my child to move back home after treatment?

Each client is assessed individually. Archstone Recovery Center strongly encourages clients and family members to trust in the clinical team’s recommendations for treatment and discharge planning.

How do I say no to my loved one?

An effective answer to give your loved one is “I will support your recovery, but I will not support your disease.”

Why do I need to go to Al-Anon? I don’t have a problem.

Addiction is a family disease and everyone involved with the client is affected. Al-anon is merely a suggestion, but remember that the support given in Al-anon is for you.

Is it important to attend the Al-Anon or Nar-Non meetings in the community?

Yes! It is very important to attend the local Al-Anon or Nar-Non Meetings for support and education on the disease of addiction. Remember, addiction is a family disease, and everyone—including you—is affected.

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