How Drug Detox Works: Learn about the process of detoxification


Upon arrival, patients are greeted by a smiling professional medical staff who is committed to you or your loved one’s recovery process.

Medical Evaluation

In order to determine a personalized recovery plan, our medical team will evaluate you or your loved one’s current state of health. This evaluation will determine you or your loved one’s unique needs in treating withdrawal symptoms.

Medical Detoxification

At Archstone Recovery Center, treatment is performed in an inpatient setting, monitored by a large team of medial professionals. Our top priority is the safety and recovery of our clients; our team works around the clock to ensure this. Sometimes, symptoms associated with detoxification can include hallucinations, seizures or other dangerous conditions. In a medical detox, clients receive pharmaceuticals to reduce these withdrawal symptoms and aleviate some of the pains associated with withdrawal.

Rehabilitation Treatment

After a patient undergoes medical detoxification, specialists advise therapy, counseling and group activities.

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