Inpatient Rehabilitation: Our residential drug & alcohol treatment program focuses on the addiction.

Inpatient rehabilitation at drug and alcohol rehab centers is sometimes necessary for patients who need medical supervision. Our patient to staff ratio allows for close medical attention and individualized care. The decision for inpatient rehabilitation is made after a comprehensive evaluation of the emotional, social and physical needs of each client. Inpatient care usually begins with a psychological and physical examination.

Benefits of Inpatient Rehabilitation Structure

Archstone can offer you or your loved one structure that cannot be found elsewhere. Structured activities, free time, and therapy sessions allow for greater focus on recovery with less time to think about addiction.

24/7 Support

Archstone provides exceptional 24-hour care and support. Most addiction relapses occur in the early stages of recovery, so it is important to have professional support during this time. Our team of doctors, nurses, therapists, and technicians are available around the clock to make sure you are safe, secure and on the right path to recovery. You can be assured that you or your loved one will receive complete emotional, physical and psychological addiction treatment.

No Access to Drugs or Alcohol

If you are considering Archstone Recovery Center as a treatment center for you or a loved one, you understand that access to addictive substance is prohibited and is detrimental to the recovery process. Outpatient programs are risky; patients return to their homes at night and can obtain their substance of choice. Inpatient drug and alchohol rehab centers offer the safest, most reliable pathway to recovery.

No Negative Influences

At Archstone Recovery Center, you are surrounded by smiling, supportive staff members and clients. Inpatient rehabilitation lightly monitors communication with visitors so that you or your loved one can focus on the recovery process.

Complete Focus on Recovery

At Archstone, our inpatient rehabilitation program allows patients to focus on themselves and the healing process. By concentrating on sobriety, individuals are able to recover faster with less chances of relapse.

Therapy for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Archstone Recovery Center provides a multitude of therapy options including meditation, yoga, massage, exercise routines, group therapy and family therapy. All therapy session help clients to relieve stress and improve mental and physical health.

Tools for Recovery

Inpatient Rehabilitation prepares clients for life outside of the facility. Therapists and staff members teach important tools and techniques to resist addictive cravings. Archstone also offers essential skills and training for patients re entering the workplace.

The clinical components of our inpatient rehab at The Florida House Experience include:

  • Individual Therapy.
  • Group Therapy Sessions.
  • Specialty Group Therapy Sessions.
  • Meditation and Spirituality Workshops.
  • Recreational Therapy.
  • Comprehensive Psychiatric Services.
  • 12-Step Meetings.
  • Health/Wellness and Nutrition.
  • Yoga and Fitness Center.


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