Looking for Extended Care Programs in Florida (FL)? Archstone Recovery has you covered!

Extended Care programs exist to bridge the gap between traditional detox and inpatient treatment and re-entry into the mainstream world. Many times, patients find it difficult to go back to their old life immediately, as it is filled with triggers and locations that are associated with their drug use and stressors that led to the initial abuse. With Archstone Recovery, you have access to a highly-accredited extended care outpatient service to help you transition from rehab to your old life. With Archstone Recovery’s years of experience in the extended care field you know you have a credible institution located in beautiful Palm Beach, Florida (FL) so you have a perfect venue to work through your rehabilitation. Archstone Recovery has been creating custom rehabilitation programs for drug and alcohol addiction patients for years, helping patients from all over the country achieve their dream of sobriety and clean living.

With Archstone Recovery’s outpatient program you have the support you need during the first few months after rehab, traditionally the most important time in the recovery process. By providing a support structure during the scariest time post rehab, Archstone Recovery can help minimize the chance for relapse and create an environment that facilitates reintroduction into your old life. With Archstone Recovery’s outpatient program, we give you the best chance to continue living a clean life after rehab. Archstone Recovery is committed to creating the safest and most stable environment to make sure you have the greatest success in your recovery goals. Residents from all over the U.S., including Alabama, DC, South Carolina and Maryland, can get help with Archstone Recovery. Contact us today to start your recovery.

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