Medical Detoxification: Beat addiction with treatment from our board certified physicians at our rehab in Florida

Upon entry at Archstone Recovery Center’s Florida drug rehab, our team of highly trained, board-certified physicians and technicians evaluate patients for stabilization and detoxification. We provide personalized care for each individual and help each client through the discomforts of substance or alcohol addiction. Our medical detoxification team includes physicians, doctors, and technicians who are equipped with the highest possible training and certifications in the field. Our team is operating around the clock during this process to ensure each client is safe and comfortable.

Why Choose Our Medical Detoxification Rehab?

The prolonged abuse of drugs or alcohol seriously influences mental and physical health. To safely recover from substance abuse and addiction, medical detoxification in a Florida drug rehab is sometimes necessary. Quitting “cold-turkey” is sometimes not the best for the body and can pose serious, sometimes life-threatening risks. Archstone Recovery Center offers safe, effective, and comfortable medical detoxification to help you or your loved one ease into recovery and sobriety.

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