Phencyclidine (PCP) Addiction Recovery with Archstone Recovery Centers

PCP (phencyclidine) is an exceptionally dangerous drug. This opioid was used as a surgical anesthetic in the 1950s, but was discontinued in the 1960s after doctors noticed patients exhibiting bizarre behavior. It hit the streets shortly thereafter and is often called angel dust, ozone, wack, or embalming fluid. Many users don’t realize they’re using PCP—it is best held by leaves, such as marijuana or tobacco, and it is common for joints of weed to be laced with PCP. Its effects are especially dangerous because PCP can induce violent behavior that is similar to some of the most intense symptoms of schizophrenia. Users become paranoid, experience delusions and disordered thinking, and become catatonic. Many become extremely violent toward others, but it is also common for PCP users, especially PCP addicts, to attempt suicide. PCP is common in prisons and other institutional environments and the behavior it can induce can escalate into serious situations very quickly. Angel dust or PCP is extremely physically addictive even at the first use, and addicts experience strong cravings and compulsively attempt to get more PCP.

PCP addiction has serious and deadly side effects, and it is imperative for PCP addicts to be treated by professionals who are experienced in handling these effects at a top-quality accredited treatment center. Archstone Recovery’s state-of-the-art rehabilitation facility in Lantana, Florida (FL), offers PCP addicts a safe, secure environment for their drug rehabilitation. With a wide range of treatment options, including extended care programs, outpatient programs, and transitional living programs, Archstone Recovery has PCP rehabilitation programs that will work for you. Conveniently located a short drive from Palm Beach and the Miami airport, Archstone Recovery is easily reachable by air travel from New York, New Jersey, New England, Atlanta, Baltimore, and other major metropolitan areas. If you or a loved one is addicted to PCP, contact Archstone today to learn more about PCP addiction treatment programs in Florida.

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