Women’s Recovery: Get the support you need for a substance-free life.

At Archstone Recovery Center, we have the solution to your Drug and Alcohol addiction. Our expert staff will help you take back control over your life before its too late, while lifting the worries of your friends and family. We provide personalized drug, alcohol and other substance abuse treatment programs that are both effective and affordable. Using a state-of-the art alcohol and drug treatment and rehabilitation program, we focus on treating the whole person and contributing factors of addiction. Our care is unique and our professionals in our residential detox program strive to provide the utmost support to our client during recovery.

We understand that women experience addiction and alcoholism much differently than men. Because of this understanding, we offer a specific program focusing on the struggles women face with these issues making Archstone a promising choice for women’s rehab centers in Florida. Archstone provides the caring and empathetic environment that you or your loved one need to recover.

No matter what stage you or your loved one is in or how long you have lived with the addiction, you can make a change. CALL TODAY at  1 (855) 899-2292 and discover how we EMPOWER our clients to achieve lasting recovery by teaching them not only how to stay sober, but also how to live a substance-free life.

Don’t let addiction ruin your life and leave your family devastated. It’s NEVER too late to start treatment. CALL TODAY at  1 (855) 899-2292 and let us begin the journey to heal your mind, body and spirit.

We welcome calls from a potential client or a family member, friend, physician, social worker/ therapist, and/or a person from an employer’s Employee Assistance Program. We know this is difficult, but the reward of SAVING A LIFE far out-weighs the challenges.

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