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About Archstone Behavioral Health

Archstone Behavioral Health offers top-quality addiction treatment in the Palm Beaches. We believe in treating the individual, which is why our addiction treatment programs are customized for each patient. We can offer you or your loved one of the greatest chances at long-term recovery through our various treatment programs.  

What is Rehab?

Archstone Behavioral Health is an addiction treatment center in Lantana, Florida. We provide a full continuum of care to those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Archstone also offers dual diagnosis and trauma-informed care for mental health disorders.



Trauma can have long-lasting effects.

psychological illness

Psychological Illness

Mental health issues underlie most addiction.



Treating addiction includes addressing trauma and mental health.

How Archstone Can Help

Addiction Treatment

Beating addiction is a difficult path for anyone to take.   Let Archstone Behavioral Health help light your way to sobriety.

Alcoholism Treatment

At Archstone Behavioral Health, we have the solution to your alcohol addiction. We know how to help people get and stay sober.

Trauma Informed Care

Archstone Behavioral Health understands that         treating the underlying trauma is paramount to addiction recovery.

Dual Diagnosis

At Archstone Behavioral Health, we understand that mental health plays a vital role when someone is struggling with addiction.


The most important aspect of addiction treatment that can decrease the chance of relapse is seeing a psychotherapist.

Aftercare Treatment

Archstone Behavioral Health supports patients through every step of the recovery process. Aftercare provides you with the support needed to maintain sobriety.

Joint Commission National Quality Approval

Joint Commission Quality Accreditation

Our facility voluntarily underwent a thorough evaluation by the Joint Commission. Click here Learn more about the behavioral health care accreditation program such as eligibility, accreditation options, process, and pricing.

What Makes Us Different?

Archstone Behavioral Health provides a full continuum of care in one location. This allows our patients to find recovery with consistent care, environment, and professional staff rather than bouncing between facilities for different levels of care.

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We Accept Most Insurance Policies

Archstone Behavioral Health works with you and your loved ones to help you access insurance coverage and make treatment affordable.

What Our Clients Say

I appreciate all of the dedication, hard work, love, selflessness and passion of the staff. Many of you will never know the gratitude in my heart, and all I can say is Thank You.


Your life is worth the investment to maintain sobriety from alcohol and drugs.