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Archstone Behavioral Health has been an established part of the Lantana, Florida community for almost two decades. We believe strong community ties offer support and reassurance to our clients seeking recovery. Having established firm roots in the community, we have a robust alumni program that meets every Saturday, at our facility, from 7:30-8:30 pm. We also hold other events to offer support for our current clients.

Recovery can feel very isolating and that is why we believe so deeply that community is everything. When people can come together and share stories and realize that they are not alone, recovery becomes that much easier. We realize that recovery doesn’t happen in a day, but rather it is a lifelong process. After graduating from our program, clients are considered part of the Archstone Behavioral Health program family. Clients will always have that community to reach out to.

At Archstone Behavioral Health, we know that every client is unique with their own set of individual needs. This is why we provide the full continuum of care. Our establishment is different from  usual Florida setting because, in addition to Intensive Outpatient (IOP), Partial Hospitalization (PHP), and residential, we also offer a Detox program, a Medication-Assisted Treatment, mental health support, and trauma-informed care.

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Unlike most of Florida’s recovery centers, we don’t bill ourselves (or you) as a resort. Quality of care is our number one goal. Luxury resorts are nice, but an ocean view and posh surroundings never cured a client. We put our resources toward our knowledgeable staff, up-to-date training, and the incredible services that we provide. With that said, our facility is only a short drive to the beach and we have an on-site swimming pool to help clients relax as they move forward in their recovery.

Our quality staff is a part of our family and also has deep ties to the community. They are up to date on the latest training and support family involvement. They offer mental health support and trauma-informed care in addition to traditional therapies for recovery. Some have even graduated from our program, so they know and believe in the power of community and family…and everyone is family at Archstone.

Archstone Behavioral Health has taken on clients that have been sports stars and we have taken on clients that are indigent. We believe everyone has a right and the ability to recover with the proper support. 

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