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Alcoholism on the Rise in Women. Need Help? Archstone Recovery Is Here for You

Alcoholism on the Rise in Women. Need Help? Archstone Recovery Is Here for You

When many people think of female alcoholics, they picture drunken sorority girls at frat parties. What they might not picture is the mom next door, the friendly receptionist at work, or the high-flying CEO. But the truth is that female alcoholics come from every walk of life. Estimates vary, but approximately 17.6 million American women are alcoholics or problem drinkers. Some estimate that 1/3 of alcoholics are women.

Drinking problems in women aren’t always as obvious as in men. Women may go to greater lengths to hide their alcohol dependency, especially if they have children. They may function well all day even while secretly drinking. Hiding alcohol around the house, bloodshot eyes, short-term memory, and difficulty staying awake are all signs that someone you love may be hiding a serious problem with alcohol.

If this sounds like someone in your life, call Archstone Recovery. Archstone Recovery’s specialized, accredited staff understand the challenges women face in recovering from drug and alcohol abuse, and its beautiful Lantana, Florida, grounds offer a serene and safe space where recovery can begin. With outpatient programs, transitional living programs, and extended-care programs, Archstone Recovery offers the best range of options for alcohol rehabilitation. Recovery isn’t easy, but it’s so important. And if the alcoholic in your life is a parent, it’s especially important to help her get help as soon as possible, for the sake of the entire family. It takes courage to confront an alcoholic, and it takes even more courage to ask for help. When you’re ready, Archstone Recovery is here for you

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