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Am I Addicted to Crystal Meth? Learn the Signs and Get Help

Is crystal meth addictive? Can I get addicted to crystal meth? So many crystal meth users start out slowly and casually: just a little Tina here and there, at the club or with friends. You think you can keep it casual, you think you’ll be fine. But then maybe you start buying it and doing it by yourself, at home. You start spending a little more than you can afford. And before you know it, you’re wondering: Could I be addicted to crystal meth? What are the signs of meth addiction? If you’re reading this, it’s probably time to ask yourself some hard questions. Try these ten tough questions to find out if you have a crystal meth problem.

  • Do people tell me I get high too much?
  • Have I done things I regret because of crystal meth?
  • Am I spending more money than I can afford on meth?
  • Have I gotten into legal or financial trouble because of my meth use?
  • Has my appearance changed since I started using meth?
  • Do I have trouble getting through the day without meth?
  • Have I had unsafe sex or otherwise put myself in danger while high?
  • Have my friends or family told me they’re worried about me?
  • Have I tried to stop using crystal meth and failed?
  • Has anyone flat-out told me I have a drug problem?

If you answered yes to two or more of these questions, the chances are good that you’re in over your head with a crystal meth addiction. It’s easy to get addicted to meth, and it’s hard to stop using. Meth is physically addictive, which means that your body becomes so dependent that it actually can’t function without meth. Even if you want to stop, you might not be able to—at least not without professional help.

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