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Can I Get Addicted to Crack Cocaine After Only One Use? Get the Facts.

Can I Get Addicted to Crack Cocaine After Only One Use? Get the Facts.

How addictive is crack cocaine? Can I try it without exposing myself to risk? Can I get addicted after just one use?

At Archstone Recovery Center, we get many questions about crack cocaine and its addictive effects. Crack cocaine effects the brain chemistry of the user, causing alertness, increased energy, euphoria, extreme confidence, and craving for more crack cocaine. These effects last only 5-10 minutes after the “hit,” leaving the user wanting more crack cocaine and another high. Users will often take hit after hit, sometimes for days. While they binge, the highs progressively get less and less intense, due to the body’s increasing tolerance for the drug.

Unfortunately, crack cocaine is widely considered to be the most addictive kind of cocaine. Because the high is so intense, and is accompanied by a chemical craving for more crack cocaine, many users are hooked after their first use. Crack cocaine dependence come with all kinds of health problems, from poisons adding to “cut” the drug, to the risk of lung injury from smoking crack cocaine, to the ever-present danger of overdosing.

If you think you or a loved one might have a problem with crack cocaine addiction or dependence, it’s time to get help. Archstone Recovery Center of the Palm Beaches can help you or your friend into treatment, detoxification, and recovery. Call now before permanent damage is done, or worse. Archstone can help you understand crack cocaine addiction, effects, withdrawal, and help you begin your detox. Archstone Recovery Center offers a variety of state-of-the-art inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation programs to meet your needs. People have been coming from Florida (FL), New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), Washington, DC, Philadelphia (PA), Baltimore (MD), New England, and all the rest of the country to experience Archstone’s beautiful facility in sunny Lantana, Florida. Call Archstone now to begin your new life without crack cocaine.

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