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Can I Get Rehab for GHB Addiction? Find Out How!

Can I Get Rehab for GHB Addiction? Find Out How!

Georgia Home Boy. Liquid Ecstasy. Grievous Bodily Harm.  They’re all short for gamma-hydroxy butyrate—GHB.  If you’ve been doing GHB, you know that it’s a club drug that can get you high or knock you flat on your back, depending on how much you do and how often you’ve been doing it.  GHB was originally meant to be used as an anesthetic, and it shows—when you’re using it, you feel no pain.

But GHB can be addictive—much more addictive than casual users think, until one day they realize they’re not casual users anymore.  Maybe they try to quit on their own or with the help of a group like Narcotics Anonymous, only to find themselves going through a withdrawal so painful and severe that they can’t handle it. That’s when the admissions counselors at Archstone Recovery hear from them.  “Am I addicted to GHB?” they ask.  “How can I tell if I’m addicted to GHB?  What can I do to get clean from GHB? What’s the best place to go for GHB rehab?”  If you experience withdrawal symptoms similar to those alcoholics get (think delirium tremens–“the shakes”) when you try to stop using GHB, you’re definitely addicted.  Other signs include getting less of a high from the same dose, or finding yourself doing things you never would have done before just to get money to get high.

If you’re addicted to GHB, it’s time to call Archstone Recovery.  Archstone Recovery Center of the Palm Beaches is a top-rated drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility located in beautiful Lantana, Florida (FL), on Florida’s Atlantic coast, near Palm Beach International Airport.  GHB addicts from New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), Baltimore (MD), Washington DC, New England, and all over the United States make the short trip to Florida to recover from their addictions in a safe, supportive, and serene environment.  With attentive medical experts, caring therapists, and a proven twelve-step approach, Archstone Recovery makes a huge difference in the lives of the GHB addicts who walk through our doors.  Will Archstone Recovery make the difference for you?  If you’re ready to quit GHB and start rehab, call Archstone Recovery today.

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