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Legalize It?: American Public Opinion on Marijuana Legalization

In the history of the United States, few issues have been as hotly contested as marijuana legalization. Some view pot as a gateway drug that opens the door to the abuse of illicit substances. Others feel it’s a medicinal marvel that eases their pain and decreases their anxiety. According to research, support for marijuana legalization has steadily …

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’Tis the season for turkey dinners, holiday parties, and festive cheer. Whether it’s the cold and the snow, the food, or even the music, Americans across the country have the traditions they hold dear to help the holidays come alive. For some, that can even include liquid libations in the form of beer, wine, and …

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Heading for a Headache

Whether it comes from the stress of your holiday travels, too much time with family, or even just tension or sinuses – the throbbing ache of a headache can leave just about anybody tired, frustrated, unable to concentrate, or downright grinchy. If you’re like most people, the first solution might be reaching for something to help …

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Game Overdose: A Look at Drug use Within Video Games

Approximately 155 million Americans play video games. But if you envision hordes of children and teens going head to head at Mario Kart, then think again. The average age of an American gamer? 35. As a result, game offerings have become increasingly geared to grown-ups, complete with mature themes: violence, sex, and even drugs. How are drugs portrayed in video …

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Buzzed Buying

It’s probably happened to you: A couple glasses of wine after work or a few beers during the game and boom—next thing you know, you’re adding items to your Amazon cart like it’s Cyber Monday all over again. Two days later, you’re confronted with a box of stuff you barely remember ordering—a fancy vacuum cleaner, a …

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