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Continuum of Care

Drug and alcohol addiction have afflicted many people and led them to seek treatment. Although all impacted with addiction, everyone experiences it differently. When you go to rehab, your recovery plan should be tailored to fit your needs. You may not need all levels of care to find success in sobriety. Our Florida facility provides a full continuum of care all in one location.

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What is a Continuum of Care?  

A continuum of care allows our patients to receive treatment through several levels of care at Archstone Behavioral Health. They will begin their journey to recovery at Archstone, with detox, and continue to remain connected to our community after leaving through our aftercare and alumni programs.  

Archstone Behavioral Health’s Continuum of Care includes:

Benefits of Continuum of Care  

Going into treatment can be very intimidating. You’re going to be in totally new surroundings, with completely different people. At Archstone Behavioral Health, we believe that your community and surroundings make a big difference when it comes to recovery. 

Learn More About Our Continuum of Care Program 

With almost 20 years at our Lantana, Florida location, we have developed strong ties within the local community. That means we have a strong community of alumni and support right at our fingertips. 

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