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DEA Stops Two Florida CVS Pharmacies from Selling Controlled Prescription Drugs, Citing Abuse DEA Stops Two Florida CVS Pharmacies from Selling Controlled Prescription Drugs, Citing Abuse

DEA Stops Two Florida CVS Pharmacies from Selling Controlled Prescription Drugs, Citing Abuse

In a move that highlights the growing epidemic of prescription drug abuse in Florida, the federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) announced Tuesday that it would move to prevent two CVS stores in the Orlando area of central Florida from selling controlled substances that are frequently abused, such as the prescription painkiller oxycodone. The Lakeland company Cardinal Health, a wholesale distributor of prescription drugs, was also named in the action; a federal judge declined to prevent Cardinal Health from shipping such substances. This is the first time a major national pharmacy chain’s locations have been shut down by the DEA, although it is not uncommon for smaller local pharmacies to be caught dealing prescription pills.

The two CVS pharmacies in question were ordering more than three million oxycodone pills per year—more than 43 times more than the national average. Oxycodone addiction—often identified with the brand name, Oxycontin— is rampant in Florida, with everyone from teens to professionals to the elderly becoming hooked on its euphoric high. Oxycodone is one of the most strongly addictive prescription drugs, and the illicit market for it is enormous. It causes physical addiction, meaning that oxycodone addicts can’t stop using the drug without experiencing extreme withdrawal symptoms. For this reason, it’s common for oxycodone and Oxycontin addicts to engage in desperate drug-seeking behavior, and there is enormous profit in supplying this growing market, especially in Florida.

If you are addicted to prescription painkillers, it’s important to seek help before you lose your job, your family, and everything that’s important to you. Because of the medical aspects of oxycodone/Oxycontin withdrawal, it’s crucial that you not try to go it alone—you need medical supervision to make it safely through withdrawal. Archstone Recovery Centers of the Palm Beaches, a top state-of-the-art drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility located in Lantana, Florida, is the best option for oxycodone rehabilitation and Oxycontin rehabilitation in central Florida or south Florida. With a wide range of treatment programs including detox, residential, outpatient, transitional care, and extended care and a proven twelve-step approach, Archstone Recovery customizes your treatment program to fit your unique needs. If you live outside of Florida in Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, DC or any other state, inpatient programs are available. For information on how to quit Oxycontin and get your life back, contact Archstone Recovery today.

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