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Does PCP Make You Violent? Learn About Getting Help

Does PCP Make You Violent? Learn About Getting Help

Do you use PCP?  Lots of people do—especially young men in their teens and twenties.  Officially known as phencyclidine, PCP also goes by the name angel dust.  It was developed as an anesthetic, and when you use it, you aren’t feeling any pain.  Literally.  If you are injured in a fight or some other way, you’ll feel it later, but PCP takes away your ability to feel pain while you’re high, which leads people to do things that they might not do if they could feel how their bodies were being damaged. PCP has a reputation as a “violent drug”—it is often involved in fights and crimes, and police departments train their officers to recognize the signs of PCP use and to respond with force.  PCP can’t actually make you violent—but if you already are, especially if you have some tendencies toward mental illness, it can make those tendencies worse or cause you to ignore your inhibitions.

It is often the day after a bad experience with PCP, when they are in pain, that PCP users begin to question their PCP use and start to think about getting help. “Am I addicted to PCP?” they ask.  “Do I need PCP rehab?  How can I get help quitting PCP?  What’s the best PCP rehab facility?” PCP is very addictive, and regular users quickly become habitual users, then addicts.  PCP addiction can be hard on your body—in addition to the things you do when you’re high, long-term use can cause permanent brain damage.  Quitting PCP is very difficult once you’re addicted.  Trying to go “cold turkey” will cause painful and even dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

Are you ready to quit PCP?  Breaking your addiction means getting professional help—and it’s best to go through withdrawal under the care of doctors who specialize in addiction.  At Archstone Recovery Center of the Palm Beaches, a drug and alcohol recovery facility in Lantana, Florida, you’ll receive state-of-the-art care from medical and therapeutic experts who will customize your recovery program to your personal needs.  You can connect with other addicts in Archstone Recovery support groups and employ a proven twelve-step method while learning tools and techniques that will help you to stay clean once you’re back out in the world.  At Archstone Recovery, we help PCP addicts from New Jersey (NJ), New York (NY), Florida (FL), Baltimore (MD), Washington DC, New England, and all over the United States regain control of their lives with a range of programs such as detox, partial hospitalization, residential, transitional care, outpatient, or extended care.  Break free from PCP.  Contact Archstone Recovery today.

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