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Drug Rehab for Rohypnol Addiction: Archstone Recovery Can Help

Drug Rehab for Rohypnol Addiction: Archstone Recovery Can Help

Although it is illegal, Rohypnol (often known as “roofies”) is a popular and common drug, particularly on college campuses. Rohypnol is widely known as a “date rape drug”; it is a sedative that usually causes amnesia for two to eight hours, and predatory rapists often slip it into women’s drinks, then offer to take the “drunk” woman home. The drug has recently been altered to appear blue when added to drinks to try to combat this abuse. However, Rohypnol is also often used and abused voluntarily. Although it’s illegal in the U.S., Rohypnol is a legal prescription sleeping pill in more than 60 countries. Like most sleeping pills, it makes you woozy and gives you a “high” feeling—and also like most sleeping pills, it is dangerously easy to develop a dependency and to overdose on it.

Rohypnol addicts usually don’t remember their actions while using the drug—that’s part of the amnesia effect, and users who have self-esteem issues or mental health problems often enjoy the feeling of “escaping” from their memories. Abuse of Rohypnol can easily lead to physical addiction and drug-seeking behavior, where the user will do just about anything to gain access to more of the drug. Quitting cold turkey can cause serious withdrawal symptoms, including numbness of the arms and legs and even hallucinations and shock.

Because withdrawal is a serious, dangerous medical condition, it’s important to seek professional help before you attempt to quit using Rohypnol. Archstone Recovery of the Palm Beaches can help. Archstone Recovery’s specialized medical staff understands Rohypnol addiction and will help you through withdrawal and after, with a twelve-step approach that will help you to rebuild your life and recover from addiction. Archstone Recovery’s top-rated drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility in Lantana, Florida offers several options for Rohypnol addiction recovery, including detox, outpatient, partial hospitalization, and extended care programs. Where ever you live, whether it’s North Carolina, Tennessee or any of the New England states, Archstone Recovery can help you with your addiction and get you closer to recovery. If you’re ready to stop using Rohypnol and start living life again, contact Archstone Recovery today.

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