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Extended Care Programs at Archstone Recovery: Rebuilding Your Life after Heroin Addiction

Heroin (junk, smack, dope) addiction can be one of the most devastating drug addictions.  Once smack has a grip on you, it refuses to let go, causing junkies to go to extreme lengths to get the fixes they need.  In cities like Philadelphia, PA; Boston, MA; Baltimore, MD (made famous on HBO’s The Wire); and Washington, D.C., the addictive power of heroin has gutted entire neighborhoods, forcing families out as the drug trade takes over.  Heroin withdrawal is so fierce and resources like methadone clinics are so overstretched that it’s extremely difficult for most addicts to get the help they need to get clean.  Those who do usually manage it through accredited drug and alcohol rehab facilities like Archstone Recovery, where they can go through an intensive detox process that gets the drug out of their system under medical supervision.

Unfortunately, getting sober isn’t the end of the story.  It’s not as simple as just walking out of rehab, going home, getting a job, and living happily ever after.  Most recovering heroin addicts are returning to a life left in ruins: failed relationships, traumatized or entirely estranged families, no job, often not even a home to return to. The only relationships that heroin has left them are those they had with their junkie friends and dealers—and contact with those “friends” can be all it takes to push a fragile addict in the early stages of recovery back into the life.  So what’s a newly sober heroin addict to do?

The solution is an innovative program: the extended care program at Archstone Recovery Center of the Palm Beaches.  Designed specifically for newly recovering addicts who need a safe place to live and work while continuing to recover and rebuild, Archstone Recovery’s extended care program works.  Graduates of Archstone’s detox and residential programs live together in a spacious, pleasant living space as part of a community centered on recovery.  Participants are free to work or attend school in the local Lantana, Florida, area, and can spend their evenings in a safe, heroin-free environment while attending meetings, therapy, and other recovery programs.  If you’re looking for a recovery center that will help you through the toughest parts of the heroin addiction rehab process, contact Archstone Recovery today.

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