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Getting Treatment for Darvocet Addiction: Pain Pill Rehabilitation at Archstone Recovery

Getting Treatment for Darvocet Addiction: Pain Pill Rehabilitation at Archstone Recovery

Painkiller addiction is a growing problem in New York, New Jersey, Boston, Hartford, and other parts of the Northeast and New England. It is very easy to become addicted to painkillers. You try them with a legitimate prescription after you have a wisdom tooth pulled or sprain an ankle, and quickly find that pain pills like Darvocet offer not only pain relief but a pleasantly, dreamy high. Soon you’ve run through your prescription, and you may find yourself asking friends—or a crooked doctor—to “hook you up” with more Darvocet to get the high. Painkillers are notoriously addictive, and once you’re hooked, you’ll need more and more of the same medication in order to feel the high you’re seeking. You might even find yourself doing things you never thought you’d do to get more, just because you can’t stop thinking about your next high. Does this sound like you? If so, you may be addicted to Darvocet.

Darvocet (propoxyphene) is an opiate, in the same family as opium and heroin. It is closest in its composition and its effects to methadone, and people become just as dependent on it. It also contains acetaminophen, the same active ingredient found in Tylenol. Because Darvocet addicts take in far more than the recommended dose of acetaminophen, they are susceptible to liver failure and other side effects. Mixing Darvocet with alcohol is especially dangerous to the liver, and popping a few pills with a drink is a very popular method of painkiller abuse.

Darvocet addiction is real, and it needs to be treated promptly. Painkiller and pain pill addiction can be extremely persistent, and stopping “cold turkey” can have serious medical side effects. The best way to conquer your Darvocet painkiller addiction is in the safe environment of a reputable drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility like Archstone Recovery. Archstone offers drug cessation therapy and state-of-the-art drug rehabilitation techniques in combination with medical supervision in a safe, secure environment. Archstone’s location in Lantana, Florida (FL), near Palm Beach and Miami, offers a beautiful and serene setting for your fresh start in life. Kick your Darvocet addiction today—ask for help from Archstone Recovery.

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