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When looking at different treatment options, it is important to know what will and won’t work for you. At Archstone Behavioral Health, we have a thriving Jewish community and recognize their needs are different than our average patient. 

Although we do not focus on the Faith specifically in our treatments, we do provide a community of individuals that have been raised in Orthodox households, whether they are still practicing or not. For a person to reach recovery, they need to feel understood and welcomed. One’s identity is important to every Jew, whatever path their life has taken.  

At Archstone, we are owned by members of the Orthodox Community. Our CEO, Moshe Yachnes, practiced therapy in New York for nearly a decade, serving our community. We try to provide that community and lifestyle to allow our patients to feel safe. Being comfortable in your surroundings only helps with the treatment process. You may also have heard of our sister facility - Onward Living, which is also located in Florida. Hasidic Judaism addiction recovery services are provided to our patients to ensure all needs are met. 

How Judaism Can Help Recovery    

The easiest way to help our patients of the Jewish faith is to allow them redemption while also taking care to respect their faith. We want the Hasidic Judaism addiction recovery process to be as easy as possible for them. They need not worry about violating any covenants of faith while at our Florida rehab facility. 

In addition to offering Kosher foods, at Archstone Behavioral Health, we also encourage fellow Jews to keep Sabbat. We don’t require work on that day. We firmly believe that everyone needs to learn how to shavat va’yinafash (rest and re-soul). Sabbat offers a perfect time to reflect on the teachings of the last week’s treatment and to mentally prepare for the next week on the road to recovery. 

We also respect the Jewish holidays and understand requirements to spend the day in contemplation, to fast, or to observe other tenants of the Jewish faith. Because we can individualize our treatment programs, we can make adjustments to treatment schedules to accommodate those laws. 

With a specialized program for the Jewish community, we can offer unique advantages for your loved one in recovery. They will know they are not alone because we have built up that fellowship that the Jewish community is known for. Our patients feel supported and understood when in a recovery community comprised of their peers. They understand the pressures that may have affected them, in particular, because they are Jewish. 

Recovery is possible! We have set up this unique program to give our Jewish patients the best chance they can have of reaching the “Promised Land” of recovery and achieving redemption.

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