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Help for Ketamine Addiction at Archstone Recovery in Florida

Help for Ketamine Addiction at Archstone Recovery in Florida

Ketamine, or Special K, is a psychedelic drug that can be snorted or injected. It was originally used as a veterinary anesthetic. Its hallmark is a short (45 to 90 minutes) but very intense hallucinatory experience. The feeling begins with the user feeling far away from his or her body, and then intensifies into a trip that can feel like a spiritual experience or a terrifying one. Ketamine, often called Vitamin K, “freezes” or paralyzes the muscles, so after it is ingested the user will find it difficult to move and will feel removed from the body. This inability to move gives ketamine its reputation as a “rape drug,” and the victim may not even remember the assault afterward. The recovery period from Special K is fairly quick and aftereffects are minimal, making it a popular club drug.

Special K or ketamine is addictive for two reasons: first, it offers such intense trips that many users want more of its escape from reality; second, Special K addicts build up a tolerance very quickly and find that they need to take more and more to get high. At the highest point of addiction users may not be able to trip and may get something closer to a marijuana high. Ketamine abuse can result in brain damage (known as vacuoles) and urinary and kidney problems. If you are addicted to ketamine, it is important for you as a Special K addict to get help from a licensed drug rehabilitation facility. Archstone Recovery’s ketamine rehabilitation treatment program offers many options to help you recover from ketamine addiction, including outpatient, transitional living, and extended care options, and its Florida (FL) location makes it convenient to anyone flying in from New York City, New Jersey, Boston, Philadelphia, and other locations in the Northeast. Contact Archstone Recovery today to begin your recovery from ketamine addiction.

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