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How Can I Quit Vicodin? Archstone Recovery Can Help

How Can I Quit Vicodin? Archstone Recovery Can Help

“Am I addicted to Vicodin? How can I quit Vicodin? Where can I get Vicodin and prescription drug rehab?”  If you’ve been asking yourself these questions, you should know that you’re not alone. Rates of addiction to Vicodin and other prescription drugs are rising in New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), Baltimore (MD), Washington DC, New England, and all over the United States, and more and more prescription drug addicts are seeking the best possible rehab for Vicodin.

Vicodin, a prescription painkiller usually used for patients who are recovering from surgery or who have chronic pain conditions, is highly addictive. If you take Vicodin regularly for just a few weeks, you run a serious risk of becoming physically addicted—meaning that your body will become physically dependent on the drug and you won’t be able to function without it. Quitting Vicodin once you are physically addicted is almost impossible to do “cold turkey” because of the painful and dangerous symptoms of withdrawal.  If you’re worried about your Vicodin use and want to quit, it’s important to do so with professional medical supervision.

So where is the best place for Vicodin detox and rehabilitation?  Check out Archstone Recovery Center of the Palm Beaches, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center located in sunny Lantana, Florida, close to Palm Beach International Airport.  With a state-of-the-art facility, a wide range of treatment options to suit your lifestyle (including detox, partial hospitalization, transitional, extended care, and residential), and caring therapists and doctors who customize your treatment to your individual needs, Archstone Recovery is the best possible place to overcome your Vicodin addiction and learn how to get clean and stay clean.  Ready to quit Vicodin?  Don’t waste time—contact Archstone Recovery today.

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