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How Do I Know If I’m an Alcoholic? Tips from Archstone Recovery

How Do I Know If I’m an Alcoholic?  Tips from Archstone Recovery

Am I an alcoholic?  How can you tell if you’re an alcoholic? What is alcoholism?  If you’re wondering about these questions, it might be time to take a good hard look at your drinking habits.  Because so many people drink socially, it can be harder with alcohol than with other drugs to tell whether you’re addicted.  You can tell your coworkers you had a few drinks last night—but you wouldn’t tell them you did a few lines of coke last night.  Alcohol is much more socially acceptable, and even binge drinking is socially acceptable in certain contexts (for example, college).  But for a certain percentage of drinkers, binge drinking isn’t an occasional questionable idea—it’s a way of life.  Alcoholism is a condition in which a person’s body becomes physically dependent on alcohol and can’t function without it.  The person becomes a slave to alcohol, and cannot simply stop drinking—for an addict, quitting requires serious professional help.

If you’re wondering, am I addicted to alcohol?, here are a few questions to ask yourself: Do I wish I could drink less?  Do I do things I regret when I drink?  Are people afraid of me when I’m drunk?  Have I gotten in legal or financial trouble because of my drinking habit?  Do I have a DUI on my record?  Do I put myself in dangerous situations when I drink? Do I have a hard time getting through the day without drinking?  Do I hide alcohol just in case I need it? If you’re nodding your head in recognition, you should know that these are all signs of alcoholism, or addiction to alcohol.  If this sounds like you, then you need help.  Maybe you’re just realizing you’re an addict—or maybe you’ve been to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or another group before, once or many times.  Either way, it might be time for professional help.

Next question: Where do I start getting sober?  What’s the best alcohol rehab facility on the East Coast?  If you’re ready to put down the bottle and start living your life again, call Archstone Recovery Center of the Palm Beaches.  Archstone Recovery is a top-rated drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment facility in Lantana, Florida, close to the Atlantic Ocean and Palm Beach International Airport.  Easily accessible from New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), Baltimore (MD), Washington DC, New England, and all over Florida (FL), Archstone Recovery helps addicts from all over the United States learn new ways of living that will help them stay clean and sober not just now, but in the years to come.  Contact Archstone Recovery using the form on this page to learn more.

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