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How Ecstasy Affects Women’s Bodies Differently than Men’s

How Ecstasy Affects Women’s Bodies Differently than Men’s

Ecstasy, or X, is an incredibly popular club drug. Used at raves, dance clubs, gay clubs, and parties, it gives users a high that enhances their enjoyment of lights, music, and dancing. This makes it particularly popular among women, who often find that they get more of a high more quickly than male X users do.

Unfortunately, Ecstasy can affect women’s bodies differently than men’s, and the results can be fatal. Recent studies have shown that not only is it easier for women to overdose, but the effects on women’s hormones can be extremely dangerous. X users know that the drug causes dehydration; go to a rave and you’ll see everyone drinking lots of bottled water. The problem is that it can also, paradoxically, release a chemical that causes the body to retain water. The bodies of women of childbearing age produce a hormone called estrogen that, in addition to regulating various reproductive functions, also causes them to retain water. When these two effects combine and a woman drinks too much water while tripping on X, the sodium levels in her body can be diluted to dangerously low levels. This can even be fatal in some cases.

Women who find that they cannot stop taking X or that they can’t stop thinking about getting more are addicted—and Ecstasy is a very addictive drug. If you have a problem with Ecstasy, it is very important for you to get help right away. Asking for help can be the most difficult thing you can do, but it can save your life. Archstone Recovery is here when you’re ready to get clean. Archstone Recovery’s beautiful, state-of-the-art facility in Lantana, Florida, offers a nurturing atmosphere of serenity that provides you a safe place to begin rebuilding your life after Ecstasy addiction. Archstone Recovery offers a top-rated range of accredited drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. If you need help with ecstasy addiction rehabilitation, call Archstone Recovery today.

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  1. ecstasy is not really addictive as the negatives eventually out way the positives and the comedown after ingesting mdma makes users not wanna take it that often. Users hardly take it more than once a month.

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