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How PCP Addiction Affects Your Brain: Start Recovery Now with Archstone Recovery

How PCP Addiction Affects Your Brain: Start Recovery Now with Archstone Recovery

Phencyclidine, more commonly known as PCP, “angel dust,” “hog,” and “rocket fuel,” is an extremely addictive drug that affects the brain in multiple, complex ways.  Originally developed as an anesthetic, PCP was banned for medical use after some patients began to experience psychotic reactions. PCP has been a common street drug since the 1960s. It earned a reputation for violence because of those same psychotic reactions, and because it blocks the user’s ability to feel pain, police are known to often use additional force in dealing with suspects known to be using PCP.

PCP affects the brain by disrupting certain receptors: specifically, those for glutamate (which affects pain perception and memory) and dopamine (which produces a “high” feeling of distance and euphoria). While it is no longer believed that PCP itself chemically causes psychotic and violent behavior, research has shown that those who already suffer from mental illness generally suffer from much worse symptoms under its influence. Long-term use can, however, cause a condition called toxic psychosis in which the user becomes paranoid, angry, and delusional.  It is strongly physically addictive and can cause withdrawal symptoms in users who try to stop.

Because of its chemical properties, it is extremely difficult for users with PCP addiction to stop using the drug.  Recovery generally requires long-term treatment in a secure medical environment.  At Florida’s Archstone Recovery, our top specialists understand the unique psychological and medical demands of recovery from PCP addiction. Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs focus on rebuilding your life and your health while understanding and treating the physical addiction. Our beautiful, state-of-the-art Florida facility offers the discipline and safety you need to recover from PCP addiction. Contact Archstone Recover today.

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