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Inhalant Addiction and Teens: Get Help with Archstone Recovery

Inhalant Addiction and Teens: Get Help with Archstone Recovery

Inhalants are an unusual class of drugs, because they’re not really drugs at all—they’re household chemicals that, when inhaled, get the user temporarily high, usually for a short period of time. It isn’t a long-lasting or very effective high, but its attractions are that inhalants are usually cheap, can often be found around the house, and are easy to obtain. For this reason, they’re popular among teenagers and are often a “gateway drug” for kids who can’t afford or don’t know how to get their hands on pot or other drugs. Common inhalants include paint, paint thinner, air conditioning coolant, aerosol chemicals, and the small nitrous oxide chargers used to power whipped cream makers, usually known by their brand name, “Whip-Its,” or as “poppers” or “snappers.” Inhaling them is called “huffing.”

Inhalant highs generally include a numbness and a “slowing down” of time. The high is usually quite short—generally just a few minutes—and so users will go back and huff the same chemical again and again in an attempt to prolong the high. This is, not to put too fine a point on it, a really bad idea. Inhalants are highly toxic chemicals, and getting high on them can cause severe brain damage or death—even from just one session. Workers who handle these materials use face masks for good reason.

If your teen is addicted to huffing inhalants, it’s important to get him or her professional help right away. Repeated huffing can cause serious damage to the brain and lungs. Archstone Recovery can help. With a safe, serene location in Lantana, Florida, your child can get the help her or she needs in an environment that’s well away from peer pressure. Archstone Recovery offers top-rated medical care, caring therapists who use scientifically proven treatment methods, and a variety of program options to get your teen clean. If you’re concerned about teen inhalant addiction, and live in North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, or any area, Archstone Recovery of the Palm Beaches can help. Please call Archstone Recovery today and help get your teen’s life back on track.

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