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Inhalant Addiction: Help for Huffing in Florida (FL) with Archstone Recovery

Inhalant Addiction: Help for Huffing in Florida (FL) with Archstone Recovery

Inhaling, or “huffing,” chemicals known as inhalants is a popular way to get high: it’s cheap, inhalants are sold legally in stores, and it’s very accessible for children and teenagers.  The inhalants used can take many different forms, but all are toxic chemicals that can cause severe damage to the lungs and brain.  Popular choices include paint, aerosol gases, chemicals from the central air conditioning units next to almost every house in Florida (FL), solvents such as paint thinner, and the small nitrous oxide canisters used in soda and whipped cream makers, also known as “whippets” or “poppers.”  Because inhalant highs are very short-lived—only a few minutes long—users often huff over and over again.  This behavior is extremely dangerous and can lead to addiction. People who experience long-term exposure to such chemicals on the job risk severe bodily damage and death, and this is even more true for addicts who expose themselves to toxic chemicals voluntarily.

If your child or loved one is huffing inhalants, he or she may be addicted.  Huffing addiction often goes hand in hand with other addictions such as marijuana and alcohol, and huffing commonly acts as a gateway drug.  The best way to stop your loved one from spiraling into deeper addiction is to get them the best possible treatment at a state-of-the-art recovery facility such as Archstone Recovery right away.

Archstone Recovery’s rehabilitation treatment center in Lantana, Florida (FL), is one of the top-rated recovery facilities in Florida (FL).  With caring staff, a beautiful facility, and a range of accredited drug and alcohol treatment options from outpatient care to extended care to transitional living, Archstone Recovery can help you or your loved one learn to overcome inhalant addiction.

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