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Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Every person struggling with drug and alcohol addiction experiences it differently and may need different treatment options. Archstone’s full continuum offers various intensities of care to meet the needs of every patient.

IOP may be the right fit to help you stay on the road to recovery, after your stay at our Florida rehab.  

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What is IOP?  

An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) provides individuals with the help and treatment they need to overcome addiction without the intensity of our other levels of care. An IOP offers patients the flexibility that they may need while also providing the community and support of our caring and qualified staff at our Lantana, Florida rehab centerIOP is offered to Archstone patients that have completed our other levels of care.  

Why Seek IOP Treatment? 

An IOP is the least intensive of the programs that we offer. In addition to the flexibility that our patients may need, it is also the cheapest option for those that cannot afford to participate in some of the more time-consuming options.

inpatient rehabilitation program

WhBenefits from IOP?   

Recovery can be difficult to achieve, even under the best of circumstances. Those that are entering into an IOP need to understand that it is the least intensive program available. These patients are spending the least amount of time in a controlled environment at our Palm Beach treatment center and are home every night with their daily struggles and temptations. We ensure our patients are prepared for this level of treatment through our other programs. 

How Archstone’s IOP Treatment Can Help   

At Archstone Behavioral Health, our Intensive Outpatient Program meets three days a week. Patients must be seen for a minimum of 9-hours a week at our Florida facility. However, they could be seen up to 12-hours a week based on their individualized needs. IOP is only offered to those that have gone through Archstone’s other levels of care. 

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