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Is Huffing Bad for Me? Learn More about Inhalant Rehab

Is Huffing Bad for Me? Learn More about Inhalant Rehab

“Is huffing bad for me?  Can huffing damage my health? How can I stop huffing?  Can I get inhalant rehab in New Jersey (NJ?)

At Archstone Recovery Center of the Palm Beaches we hear lots of questions about inhalants.  Inhalants are a little different than alcohol or most drugs.  Alcohol of course is brewed or distilled for people to drink and enjoy—it’s taking in too much that becomes addictive.  Drugs like narcotics (cocaine, heroin) and stimulants (crystal meth, marijuana) evolved from traditional herbal remedies or from drugs developed for medical use. But inhalants were never meant to be consumed by human beings.  They are household chemicals that, when inhaled, get the user temporarily high, usually for a short period of time.  Many of these chemicals are extremely dangerous to human health and the environment; the State of New Jersey (NJ) releases chemical fact sheets called MSDS sheets that list all of their detrimental health effects in gory detail.  Workers who manufacture these chemicals have strict safety rules because breathing them in at the factory can cause cancer, lung damage, fetal abnormalities, and odd effects that you would never even imagine.  These are toxic chemicals.  They are seriously dangerous.  They can kill you.

The high you get from inhalants doesn’t last long and isn’t a very effective high, but they’re cheap, usually found around the house, and easy to obtain.  This makes them a popular choice for kids who can’t afford or don’t know how to get pot or other drugs.  Common inhalants include paint, paint thinner, air conditioning coolant, aerosol chemicals, and the small nitrous oxide chargers used to power whipped cream makers, usually known by their brand name, “Whip-Its,” or as “poppers” or “snappers.” Inhaling them is called “huffing.”  Inhalant highs generally make you feel numb and give you a sense that time has slowed down.  The feeling only lasts a few minutes, so users often keep going back again and again, which greatly increases the risk of serious health effects, especially to the brain and lungs.

If you or someone you love is addicted to huffing inhalants, it’s important to get professional help right away.  Archstone Recovery offers a range of huffing rehab programs, including partial hospitalization, residential, outpatient, transitional, and extended care programs, at our a safe, serene location in Lantana, Florida (FL).  Many inhalant addicts from New Jersey (NJ),  New York (NY), Boston (MA), Philadelphia (PA), Baltimore (MD), Washington DC, and all across the country find the strength, hope, and state-of-the-art addiction treatment methods they need to get clean right here at Archstone Recovery. If you’re ready to quit huffing, call Archstone Recovery today.

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