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Marijuana Addiction on the Rise in Women: Get Help with Archstone Recovery

Marijuana Addiction on the Rise in Women: Get Help with Archstone Recovery

Pot, weed, grass, bud: whatever you call it, marijuana can be an addictive drug for both men and woman. While both sexes use pot in similar numbers, they often indulge for different reasons. Marijuana’s relaxing, calming effects are a major draw for women, especially those suffering from anxiety or depression. Marijuana use is also quite high among women with bulimia, who use its appetite-enhancing properties while binging.

Women who abuse weed face a number of health complications, including lung disease and increased risk of mental illness. Those who use marijuana to self-medicate for already existing mental illnesses also run the risk of making the problem worse and of negative interactions with any psychotropic medications they may be taking. Pregnant women face particular risks, since marijuana can result in lung problems and low birth weight in newborn babies.

If you’ve developed a problem with marijuana addiction, you need help—and you need to seek out a drug rehabilitation program that understands the special emotional needs of women in recovery. Archstone Recovery is here for you with a variety of accredited marijuana recovery programs, including outpatient and extended care options. Archstone Recovery’s staff has the specialized experience to help women recover from pot addition. Call Archstone Recovery today to begin your recovery journey.

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