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Medical Detoxification Program

Our Medical Detox Program

Detoxing can often be one of the most intimidating and overwhelming steps in the recovery process. Many clients want to get clean, but can’t get around the fear of detoxification. They are afraid of the withdrawals and other uncomfortable symptoms that come as the substances leave your body. But detox isn’t the “Hollywood Horror” that it is so often made out to be.

Make the First Step Easier

Detox is usually the first step in the recovery program, especially for alcohol or benzos as non-medical detox can result in death from these substances when not managed properly.

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Prolonged use of drugs or alcohol can lead to a body’s dependence on these substances and quitting “cold-turkey” can actually be very detrimental to our clients’ health.

Upon entry to Archstone Behavioral Health’s treatment program, our team of highly trained, board-certified physicians and therapists evaluate our clients for stabilization and detoxification. We provide personalized care for each individual and help each client through the discomforts of substance or alcohol addiction.

Medical Staff on Hand 24/7

This is why we offer medically assisted detox. The benefits of medical detox are that our well-trained staff can be on hand 24-hours a day to see our clients through the discomforts of the detoxification process.

Safety is a Priority

At Archstone Recovery Behavioral Health, treatment is performed in an inpatient setting, monitored by a large team of medical professionals. Our top priority is the safety and recovery of our clients. Sometimes, symptoms associated with detoxification can include hallucinations, seizures, or other dangerous conditions. In a supervised medical detox, clients receive pharmaceuticals to reduce these withdrawal symptoms and relieve some of the pains associated with withdrawal.

What’s Next?

After completing the medical detoxification process, our clients will continue with their individualized treatment plan that may include different therapies and/or group activities, along with either our Residential Program, Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), or Partial Hospitalization Program.

Recovery is possible, talk to our Intake Specialists today at (888) 608-0011 to get help today.

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