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Archstone Behavioral Health

Mission Statement

“Quality care starts with a caring community.”

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and that is very true. Children learn from everyone around them: friends, family, and community. It isn’t any less true as you grow and mature. The village may change, but each of us needs the strength of our community to live and grow as a teen and adult.

When we feel isolated and alone, when we don’t have that strength of friends and family and community, we start to develop a hole that we try to fill. Sometimes that hole ends up being filled with alcohol, drugs, and other substances that lead to substance use disorders.

Archstone's Brand New Facility #2 with a Luxurious-Modern Design

At Archstone, we want our clients to find their village, their community. We understand that quality care starts with a caring community. Archstone Behavioral Health has been a part of the Lantana, Florida community for almost twenty years. We have strong community ties and support a continued family of alumni with weekly meetings every Thursday at 7 PM and other events.

We believe in quality care for our clients and that is where we invest our time and money. Clients seeking recovery need quality care, but they also need caring clinicians that are guiding them on that path. Our staff is well-trained and offers not only treatment for substance use disorder, but also mental health, and trauma-informed care. We value quality over quantity and work to stop the revolving door of treatment and relapse so common to many of those who search for treatment.

Image of a kitchen in an Archstone facility

When providing quality care, we want our clients to feel at home. We want to provide a place where they feel safe and can open up. Luxury is nice, but what happens when a “resort rehabilitation” is over? While our settings are nice, we know our clients aren’t here on vacation.

Recovery is lifelong and can be challenging. That is why we are here to provide the community our clients need so that they never feel alone again. We believe quality care starts with a caring community.