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More New York City Heroin Addicts Turning to Florida Recovery Programs

More New York City Heroin Addicts Turning to Florida Recovery Programs

Last year, David M. (not his real name), a 28-year-old Brooklyn man, was living in New York City (NYC) and losing his fight with heroin addiction. David was shooting up every day, and couldn’t stop thinking about how he would get more smack.  He sold his possessions to buy heroin.  He tried Narcotic Anonymous (NA), but still found himself hopelessly addicted to heroin.  Heroin is a highly addictive narcotic drug that causes a rush of dopamine to the brain.  More than a quarter of all heroin addicts are physically dependent on heroin and will have withdrawal symptoms if they try to quit.  If you or a loved one is addicted to heroin, it’s vitally important that you stop using with the help of a top-quality, state-of-the-art recovery facility that understands the serious medical needs of heroin addicts.

Fortunately for David, a friend referred him to Archstone Recovery.  Archstone is located in sunny Lantana, Florida, so David was able to get away from his life in New York (NY) and all of the temptations it held.  He got a fresh start in the Florida (FL) sun with the help of Archstone Recovery’s extended care heroin rehabilitation program, a top-rated treatment program for heroin (smack) addiction.  Thanks to Archstone Recovery, David is now living a heroin-free, addiction-free life in New Jersey.  You can do it too.  Contact Archstone Recovery today for treatment program information.

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