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Outpatient Treatment Programs for Steroid Users in Florida: Start Your Recovery with Archstone Recovery

Outpatient Treatment Programs for Steroid Users in Florida: Start Your Recovery with Archstone Recovery

If you’re an athlete, Florida is a wonderful place to live. Our sunny climate allows year-round sports of every kind, from swimming and waterskiing to baseball and football—and it’s great for fans, too, with spring training programs all over the state. We take our sports seriously here. Unfortunately, that can also mean that athletes eager to improve their performance have easy access to steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs. Steroid use is on the rise on both teens and adults, from amateur athletes right on up to the pros. Almost half of high school students report that it would be easy for them to get steroids, and weight lifters and other athletes usually find that they know someone who knows someone.

Steroids can have serious and long-lasting negative health effects. It can cause liver damage, and is also responsible for cardiovascular problems in people who would ordinarily be too young for such issues. It also has severe effects on hormones and the endocrine system—in men, it can cause female breast development and interfere with sexual functioning, and in young adults it can interrupt normal growth patterns. Not only is it damaging, but steroid use can be highly addictive. Users often go from viewing the steroids as an athletic performance enhancer to viewing them as crucial to their ability to function. Steroid addicts tend to become emotionally volatile, sometimes even violent.

If you’re addicted to steroids, it’s vitally important to get help before you do permanent harm to your health. If you want to seek treatment without losing your ability to work or go to school, consider the outpatient treatment program for steroid addiction at Archstone Recovery in Lantana, Florida, convenient to the Palm Beaches. You can continue living your life while working with specialized doctors, psychologists, counselors, and other drug rehabilitation professionals to change your physical needs, your mental state and attitudes, and your lifestyle so that you can get clean in a way that will be lasting and sustainable. If you need help getting off steroids and live in Florida, New Jersey, Maryland, DC or any other state, call Archstone Recovery today. All residents are welcome to treatment.

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