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PCP Addiction in Teens: How to Get Help

PCP Addiction in Teens: How to Get Help

PCP (a street name for phencyclidine) is a strongly addictive drug that gives the user a sense of euphoria and makes him or her feel invincible, partially by blocking the pain receptors in the brain.  PCP is commonly known as a violent drug; while it doesn’t directly cause violence, its chemical effects on the brain can cause people with tendencies toward mental illness and/or long-term users to become violent.

Fortunately, PCP use among teenagers is down.  A 2004 study by the research group Monitoring Futures found that only 0.7 percent of 12th-graders had tried PCP, compared to 7% in 1979—its lowest level since studies began. While this is good news, the fact is that those who do use PCP tend to be concentrated in underfunded urban schools with few resources to combat drug use and teen drug addiction. This is particularly troubling because early intervention is vitally important in the case of teen PCP users, whose brains can be permanently damaged by long-term PCP use.

If your teen is addicted to PCP, it’s extremely urgent to get him or her into a reputable drug and alcohol recovery program as soon as possible. Archstone Recovery has a specialized medical staff who understand the physical and psychological needs of teens addicted to PCP.  Our beautiful Florida facility is a safe environment removed from temptation and peer pressure, and our twelve-step (12 step) approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation gives teens the tools they need to handle life back out in the real world, so that their recovery from PCP addiction becomes a reality.  Call Archstone Recovery today to help your teen recover from drug addiction.

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