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Many people shy away from entering an addiction treatment program due to the costs. They need help with a substance abuse problem but think that they cannot afford it. This is one of many obstacles on the path to wellness, but there are ways to minimize the out-of-pocket costs associated with a treatment plan.

Archstone Behavioral Health in Lantana, Florida partners with Aetna Health insurance for addiction. Aetna Health Insurance has a variety of insurance plans with varying degrees of coverage. They work with clients to make sure that their addiction treatment program is affordable and effective in improving their lives.

doctor explaining Aetna rehab insurance coverageAetna Health Insurance for Addiction

Everyone’s situation is different. At Aetna, they realize that more than one solution exists for each problem. As one of the world’s premier insurance companies, Aetna has the resources to work with the client to find an individualized approach to treatment. After the client has contacted the treatment facility to see if insurance is accepted, several options are available.

The following substance abuse treatments may be covered by Aetna health insurance:

  • Detoxification
  • Limited hospital treatment
  • Inpatient rehabilitation
  • Residential rehabilitation
  • Comprehensive outpatient treatment
  • Continuing care programs

Aetna Coverage for Inpatient Treatment

Sometimes authorization or precertification may be required for inpatient treatment coverage. This may include:

  • Residential treatment center admissions
  • Inpatient admissions
  • Outpatient detoxification
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Partial hospitalization programs

If your preferred treatment facility is in-network, some Aetna plans have 0% coinsurance. Other plans may require a copay depending on the services offered. For out-of-network providers, coverage will vary based on the type of plan and the facility’s location. In some cases, no form of treatment may be covered, while others will provide 30-50% coinsurance.

Archstone Behavioral Health

At Archstone Behavioral Health, we explore every avenue of addiction to set our clients on the path to recovery. Our unique approach allows us to treat complex medical cases in a supportive and calming environment. Our small devoted staff of master-level clinicians will aid and support our clients throughout the rehabilitation process. Everything is treated under one roof, with one-on-one care being emphasized.

Our recently renovated and updated accommodations resemble a beachside hotel rather than an addiction treatment facility. With an on-site chiropractor, yoga on Saturdays, and beach cleanups, we combine the best of South Florida with the newest and most reliable treatment options. Other amenities included are an outdoor pool and grill station, gazebo, and full gym.

Addiction Treatment Programs

Our expert staff is ready to assist our clients in every way to begin the recovery and healing process. In addition, a wide variety of treatment programs are available, as we are licensed in all things. Our masters-level clinicians provide the following treatment programs:

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Located in world-famous Palm Beach County, Archstone Behavioral Health provides a welcoming environment for recovery, focusing on mental health, medication management, and addiction treatment. Our experienced, high-quality staff is here to guide you through the steps of recovery in a kind and supportive environment. Close to the ocean and surrounded by the natural beauty and enviable climate of South Florida, this is the perfect place to rest, recuperate, and get your life back on track. We can be reached online or at 561.631.9478 for you to take the first step on your journey to wellness and recovery.