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Roofies and Vitamin K? Get Help with Club Drug Addictions like Rohypnol and Ketamine

Did you know that club drugs can be addictive?  It’s true.  The club scene is alive and well in places like New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), Washington, DC, Philadelphia (PA), Baltimore (MD), and New England, not to mention the Miami-Dade, Florida (FL), area.  And wherever people are up all night dancing, there will be club drugs.  Two of the most popular club drugs are Rohypnol (more commonly known as “roofies”) and ketamine (popularly known as “Vitamin K”). Both of these drugs have a reputation for being “date rape drugs.” This is because they are both extreme sedatives; both can cause amnesia, which prevents victims from being able to identify their attackers. Rohypnol was originally developed as a sleeping pill, and is still legal for that purpose in many countries.  Ketamine was actually an anesthetic, and often causes users to have “out of body” experiences in which they cannot move.

While both of these drugs can be used as weapons to attack others, they are also both used voluntarily for recreation—after all, they both get you very, very stoned. Both Rohypnol and ketamine can be extremely addictive if used long-term.  Users find that they build up a tolerance, needing more and more of the same drug to get high; they begin craving it, and eventually need it just to function.  Addicts also commonly engage in drug-seeking behavior—lying, stealing, cheating, and doing anything they need to do to get more of the drug.  Both Rohypnol addiction and ketamine addiction can be very serious.

If you’re addicted to a physically addictive drug like Rohypnol or ketamine, it’s important to get help from an accredited drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility such as Archstone Recovery Center of the Palm Beaches.  Attempting to go “cold turkey” to quit your Rohypnol addiction or ketamine addiction can be very dangerous; the symptoms of withdrawal can be severe, and it’s important to have specialized medical care like that at Archstone Recovery to get you through detox. Once the drug is out of your system, Archstone Recovery’s specialized addiction counselors will work with you in a program of your choice (such as residential, transitional care, outpatient, or extended care), implementing the proven twelve-step approach along with other treatment modalities to find your personal path to recovery.  At Archstone Recovery, we believe in treating the whole person, not just the disease.  Our beautiful Lantana, Florida location is the perfect place to begin again; it’s also convenient to Palm Beach International Airport, which makes it easy for New York, New Jersey, DC, Pennsylvania, and other Northeasterners to visit us.  If you’re ready to quit Rohypnol and ketamine, contact Archstone Recovery today.

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