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Stop Smoking Crack and Start Living Life: Cocaine Rehab Programs at Archstone Recovery

Stop Smoking Crack and Start Living Life: Cocaine Rehab Programs at Archstone Recovery

With the tragic death of pop diva Whitney Houston, the topic of crack addiction has been in the news. Houston, who skyrocketed to stardom in the 1980s with hit after hit, had a strong, clear voice that handled the high notes with ease and grace—not to mention an unforgettable stage presence. Her beauty and confidence inspired millions. But even Whitney Houston at the top of her game wasn’t immune to the realities of addiction. Mired in an abusive relationship and worked to exhaustion by her record label, she turned to crack cocaine and other drugs to try to escape her pain and unhappiness. Tragically, her attempts at crack cocaine rehabilitation failed, and after a long and painful slide, she died in a hotel room bathtub.

Whitney Houston’s case goes to show that although many people and many images in the media associate crack addiction with urban poverty, the truth is much more complicated. In fact, people of all classes, races, and life circumstances can and do become addicted to crack. That image arose because crack came to prominence as a cheaper version of cocaine, a byproduct of its production that was used by people who couldn’t afford to pay high prices for powder cocaine. It swept urban neighborhoods in the crack “epidemic” of the eighties and early nineties, and state, local, and federal laws cracked down with harsher sentences for crack users compared to the often richer users of powder cocaine. However, as crack enters its third generation, the fact is that the stereotypes are untrue. Crack is everywhere, and it is highly addictive. It can be hard for wealthy or prominent people like Whitney Houston to admit that they have a problem. But whatever your circumstances, if you’re addicted to crack, you need help.

That’s where Archstone Recovery comes in. With strong medical and therapeutic expertise in a variety of addiction-related fields, Archstone’s understanding, caring drug and alcohol rehabilitation staffers are here to guide you through every stage of recovery. We employ a twelve-step approach that’s been proven again and again over the years, and combine it with therapeutic methods hand-selected to work for your personality and unique needs. We treat the whole person, not just the addiction, and we offer a range of treatment options at our beautiful Lantana, Florida, facility, from residential programs to extended care, to help you recover from crack cocaine addiction.
Don’t live in Florida? Not a problem. Archstone Recovery treats residents from Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia, the Carolinas or any other state. Everyone deserves a second chance. Contact Archstone Recovery today to find out more.

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