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A person using cocaine may find it nearly impossible to stop on their own. If you’re overwhelmed and struggling toa person getting cocaine treatment find your way forward, take that first important step. Reach out to a committed team to provide superior cocaine addiction treatment. At Archstone Behavioral Health, we can provide you with a wide range of treatment plans that can enable your best outcome.

What Type of Therapy Is Right for Cocaine Treatment?

Cocaine addiction is an intense and difficult process for many people. Yet, the right atmosphere can make it far more successful. Our team offers a range of treatment plans that may be right for you depending on if you are still using, how much you are using, and how ready you are for change. We offer programs such as:

What Goes into Cocaine Addiction Treatment?

Everyone’s needs during therapy are very different. For active cocaine users, it can be very important for you to consider the options in therapy for cocaine treatment. Detox is nearly always the right first step.

Detox Treatment

During detox, your body will process and work to remove the cocaine from your system. During this process, you may feel anxious and restless. As a medical detox center, we can provide you with medications to ease these feelings. It doesn’t have to be uncomfortable for you. Additionally, we are here to monitor you and ensure any health needs you have are met.

Residential Treatment

After detox, most people will need to enter into residential treatment. You’ll spend some time with us at our resort-style treatment center. We recently renovated our facility, and our campus has a beachside hotel vibe rather than a typical Florida rehab’s sterile atmosphere. During your time in residential therapy, you’ll work one-on-one with a therapist to work through your history, trauma, triggers, and obstacles in your sobriety. Our masters-level therapists incorporate dialectical behavior therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy, along with other evidence-based treatments.

There are also numerous types of holistic experiences at Archstone. You’ll work on healing from the insight out. That may mean providing you with help improving your physical body, such as with chiropractic services or even yoga. We also work to improve your overall mental health by providing holistic opportunities such as cleaning up the beach and relaxing in the pool.

What Can You Expect During Your Cocaine Treatment?

In cocaine rehab, you will work with our team in various ways. This includes individual counseling, a time to discuss your unique needs with your counselor. We may help you work through your addiction using various therapies. This is also a good time to work through past trauma you haven’t dealt with or depression and anxiety. Every situation is different, but our team will work with you to create a cohesive plan to support your recovery.

Cocaine Treatment Is About Finding Your Way Forward

Cocaine addiction is a lifelong journey. Our goal is to provide you with tools and treatment solutions to help you overcome your addiction. That allows you to have the tools to react to situations around you. It may help you to find the way forward in relationships, work, and school. You can feel good about your future. You can also find yourself in a much better space emotionally with a life you love living. You just need cocaine rehab now.

Explore Your Path to Recovery at Archstone Behavioral Health

What could cocaine treatment mean for you? Could it help you to finally achieve your goals and overcome your limitations? Our cocaine rehab wants to give you control over your destiny again. Reach out to us. Learn what makes Archstone Behavioral Health so innovative and different. We’re not your average Florida drug and alcohol detox center. Call us at 561.631.9478 to find out more.