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opiate addiction rehabOpiates are powerful and highly addictive drugs made from the opium poppy. They have been used for centuries to treat pain and provide sedation. Opiates trigger the reward centers in the body, tricking the brain by producing feelings of euphoria that overwhelm the senses. When used for long periods of time, opiates make it difficult for people to experience joy without drugs. It is nearly impossible for a person who wants to stop using these drugs to do so without ample support and guidance. A drug rehab center can help. Our opiate addiction rehab at Archstone Behavioral Treatment can provide all of the services you need to get back on track. We are located between West Palm Beach and Delray Beach, Florida. Contact us to learn more about opiate addiction treatment by calling [Direct}.

Opiate Addiction Treatment Isn’t Something to Put Off

For men and women with addiction to opiates, time matters. The longer you continue to use this substance, the harder it becomes to stop using it. Because it interacts with and changes the chemistry in the brain, your brain and body become heavily reliant on the substance. That makes it nearly impossible to stop using.

More so, opiates create tolerance. That means your body becomes used to them. To get the same desired euphoric feeling from them, you’ll need to use more and more. Over time, that dose builds, and as it does, the risk for overdose also increases. Your life is on the line, but finding the right treatment center can help.

A Safe Place to Get Help

It’s not easy to see just how much your physical and mental health is impacted by addiction to opiates. Yet, when you step into a treatment center, you’ll feel the difference. Here, you’ll have access to restorative services to enable you to heal from the damage of addiction. This includes a wide range of therapies to support your healing. This may include:

  • Medication support to help with drug withdrawal symptoms
  • Holistic therapy to enable you to work to heal your mind and spirit
  • Counseling support from master-level clinicians
  • Nutritional support to encourage your body to heal
  • Family therapy programs to build relationships important to you
  • Mental health treatment for underlying disorders 

What Makes Our Opiate Addiction Treatment Center Ideal for You?

In our opiate addiction rehab center, our comfortable beach-hotel setting allows people to heal. This includes exceptional opportunities to be a part of the community, such as helping to clean up the beaches, engaging in yoga, and getting support from a group of people who understand what you’re facing. Our location is ideal for healing because it incorporates tools you can use to fully support your body’s needs such as a pool for restorative support. There’s ample time for one-on-one support with your counselor, too.

Embrace a Way to Heal from Opiate Addiction in Lantana, FL

Now is your time to overcome the challenges of addiction. To do that, embrace treatment in our location. Our beachside treatment center offers all of the amenities you need under one roof. That includes medication treatment, master-level clinicians, and a warm, welcoming space for you to heal. Some of the programs and therapies we offer include:

Our team can work with you in our residential setting to provide you with ample support. We also offer a partial hospitalization program and intensive outpatient program for those who want to live at home while receiving addiction treatment for opiates. 

Explore Treatment at Archstone Behavioral Treatment

An investment in your health is critical. If you’re ready to embrace opiate addiction rehab, the team at Archstone Behavioral Treatment is readily available to help you. With our beachside, resort-like setting and master-level clinicians, you’ll find all of the tools and resources you need to thrive in therapy available to you here. Learn more about how we can help you when you call 561.631.9478 or reach out to us now online