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Teen Athletes and Steroid Addiction: Get Help for Your Teen with Archstone Recovery

Teen Athletes and Steroid Addiction: Get Help for Your Teen with Archstone Recovery

As the use of steroids to build muscle and enhance performance becomes ever more commonplace among pro athletes, it’s not surprising that teen athletes, too, are imitating their sports idols by abusing—and often becoming addicted to—anabolic steroids. Teen steroid addiction is a serious problem. Around 3% of twelfth graders have used steroids, according to the University of Michigan’s “Monitoring the Future” study; approximately 40% of high school seniors said that steroids would be easy to get. Steroid use is more common among young men, but female users, too, are on the rise.

Unfortunately, steroids do a lot more than build muscle, eliminate fat, and improve athletic performance—and they’re especially dangerous for teen athletes, whose bodies are still growing and developing. Steroid use can interfere with that process. In addition, steroids can have serious effects on the functioning of the liver, the cardiovascular system, and the reproductive system. Steroid use can also be highly addictive; users may find themselves seeking out the drug at all costs, and eventually end up needing the drug even to function. Once addiction has reached this stage, stopping cold turkey can be dangerous and steroid addicts may experience withdrawal symptoms.

If you or your child is addicted to steroids, it is important to get help in a clinical setting. Archstone Recovery of the Palm Beaches can help. Archstone Recovery is an accredited drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility in Lantana, Florida treats the whole person, with experienced medical staff monitoring physical health during the detox process, and therapists to guide patients through understanding and overcoming their addictions. Teen steroid addiction is dangerous; get help today with Archstone Recovery.

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