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Teen Binge Drinking and Alcoholism: How Archstone Recovery Can Help Your Child

Teen Binge Drinking and Alcoholism: How Archstone Recovery Can Help Your Child

Is your child going out at night and not telling you where he or she is going? Does your teen wake up with bloodshot eyes or come home smelling of alcohol? Has he or she been in unexplained car accidents? Have you found alcohol hidden around the house? Have his or her grades dropped? These are all signs that your teen may have a drinking problem. Alcoholism is more common in teens than you might expect. You might be thinking “Not my kid!,” but the truth is that binge drinking is on the rise among teenagers. Binge drinking is defined as five or more drinks in a row in men or four or more drinks in a row in women. Three or more episodes of binge drinking within two weeks is considered to be heavy binge drinking. Binge drinking can result in an increased alcohol tolerance, leading to the consumption of larger and larger quantities of alcohol. In addition to peer pressure, teenagers’ brains often have yet to fully develop impulse control, and this combination can be fatal when teens compete to see who can drink the most. Thousands of teens are treated each year for alcohol poisoning, and about 0.1% of them die.

If you suspect that your teen has a drinking problem, confront him or her with the evidence. The important thing is not to blame your child, but to get help. Teens are very susceptible to peer pressure, and it can be exceptionally difficult for them to rehabilitate and get sober when they’re still surrounded by their drinking buddies. The best way to help your child get clean is to bring him or her to a safe, specialized rehabilitation facility that is far away from the pressures of home. Archstone Recovery in Lantana, Florida, welcomes patients from across the country, including New York, New Jersey, Boston, and New England. Archstone Recovery is a full-service drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment facility offering a wide range of programs, including outpatient, transitional living, and extended care alcohol rehabilitation options. If your child needs help with teen alcoholism recovery, call Archstone today.

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