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The Truth about Teen Marijuana Addiction

The Truth about Teen Marijuana Addiction

Teenagers love to laugh at the over-the-top portrayals of teen pot smokers on anti-drug commercials and in movies. Many think that marijuana isn’t addictive. It’s true that marijuana is less physically addictive than narcotics or some other drugs; many teens who smoke weed go on to lead productive lives. But for many people, marijuana is addictive—and for the teen who can’t seem to move beyond being the class stoner, it isn’t funny anymore.

If you think your teen might be addicted to pot, look for the warning signs. Does he or she smell “herbal” or burn a lot of incense? Are her eyes always bloodshot? Have his grades dropped? Does she always seem absentminded or forgetful? If you suspect that your teen is addicted, the time to act is now. Marijuana addiction is treatable, and an accredited drug rehabilitation program can give your child the help he or she needs to get back to real life again, before the addiction leads to health problems, mental illness, or addictions to harder drugs.

Archstone Recovery’s top-rated drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility in Lantana, Florida (FL) has the East Coast’s best specialists in teen marijuana addiction. Its beautiful subtropical grounds, state-of-the-art treatment facility, and variety of outpatient and inpatient treatment options will allow your teen to recover from pot addiction in a secure and safe environment, away from peer pressure and the worries of daily life. It’s not too late. Call Archstone Recover y today.

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