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The Twelve-Step Approach to Alcoholism: Get Help for Problem Drinking with Archstone Recovery

The Twelve-Step Approach to Alcoholism: Get Help for Problem Drinking with Archstone Recovery

It’s common to think of alcohol abuse as being “not as bad” as addiction to narcotics or other hard drugs, but because alcohol is legal, cheap, and widespread, alcoholism is one of the deadliest drug addictions, and the one with perhaps the highest social costs. The costs of alcohol abuse are estimated to cost most countries between 1 and 6 percent of GDP. In the US, alcohol abuse is estimated to cost $223.5 billion per year in medical costs, lost work time, and other costs.

The most popular approach to alcohol addiction recovery is the twelve-step program. Created in 1935 by Bill Wilson and Bob Smith, it became the basis of the enormous global recovery organization Alcoholics Anonymous. The approach begins with the addict admitting that he or she has a problem and submitting to the will of a “higher power.” From there, the addict, with the support of a community that holds regular meetings, enters a process of staying sober, making amends, and changing his or her life, eventually working to help and support other alcoholics in their paths to recovery.

The twelve-step approach is a highly effective method of dealing with the psychological aspects of alcoholism recovery. However, if you are addicted to alcohol, you also need to deal with the medical effects of your addiction on your body. Alcohol withdrawal is a serious medical condition that can be dangerous, so detoxification is best handled with the supervision of a specialized medical team. At Archstone Recovery, we believe in a combined approach. We introduce you to the twelve-step program while also closely supervising your physical recovery from alcohol addiction, as well as incorporating therapy and spiritual methods—so that we’re treating you as a whole person, not just a disease. Archstone Recovery treats all residents…whether you live in Georgia, North or South Carolina, Arkansas, Tennessee or New England, treatment is just a phone call away. To learn more about alcohol rehabilitation programs and begin your journey toward recovery, contact Archstone Recovery today.

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