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The Ugly Truth about Crank: Call Archstone Recovery Today for Meth Rehab Treatment Programs

The Ugly Truth about Crank: Call Archstone Recovery Today for Meth Rehab Treatment Programs

At Archstone Recovery, we see a lot. We help people from every background deal with drug and alcohol addictions of all kinds, so it’s hard to shock us. And I can tell you that without a doubt, methamphetamine addiction (also known as crank addiction) has some of the ugliest consequences we see. I don’t just mean that in terms of how it wrecks people’s lives—I mean what it does to their bodies, inside and out. Meth takes a hard toll on the body. It’s one of the few drugs that actually leaves physical signs—if someone does enough meth, you can tell from across the room. Here are some signs that will tell you someone may be using meth:

  • Meth ages you. By inhibiting the blood vessels’ ability to repair damage, meth abuse can age the skin— it loses elasticity, sores take longer to heal, and skin rashes and acne appear, making people look decades older in just a year or two of drug use.
  • Meth destroys your teeth. This phenomenon is often called “meth mouth”—crank dries out the salivary glands, which are the body’s natural way of protecting the teeth from acid. Combined with meth addicts’ tendency not to care too much about dental hygiene and a tendency to grind the teeth while high, the result is that cracked, broken, black teeth are common among meth addicts.
  • Meth makes you lose weight—but not in a healthy way. People who abuse meth become gaunt and almost ghostly—two years of meth use can make an addict look like he or she has survived ten years of war and famine.

The county sheriff’s office of Multnomah County, Oregon created a project that illustrates the effects by using mug shots taken before and after meth use. The project, Faces of Meth, is striking and can be viewed here (

If you’re worried that someone you love is addicted to methamphetamine, it’s important to help him or her get help right away. Meth addiction is serious and requires professional intervention. Archstone Recovery of the Palm Beaches can help. Archstone Recovery’s team of specialists understands the special needs and challenges of recovery from meth addiction. Archstone Recovery’s calm, serene, secure drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility in Lantana, Florida is an ideal place for crank addicts to begin to rebuild their lives again. If you are a resident of, New Jersey, Maryland, Georgia, Tennessee or any other state, call us today to begin your recovery. Call Archstone Recovery today.